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Casper Set 1

So, what's the Casper test, you ask? Picture this: it's an online test that puts you in the driver's seat of some challenging situations and asks you not just what you'd do, but why you'd do it. Think of it as a virtual choose-your-own-adventure book that uncovers your unique approach to dealing with life's curveballs.

How Does Casper Work?

It's showtime! The test is split into two main parts. First, you'll dive into a video response section where you'll encounter a mix of word-based and video-based scenarios. It's like watching a mini TV series where YOU are the main character. Then you'll move on to the typed response section where you'll be presented with more scenarios to respond to in writing. In total, you'll navigate through 14 scenarios
Each video response scenario has two open-ended questions, presented one at a time. Test takers have one minute to record each response.
Each typed response scenario has three open-ended questions, presented altogether. Test takers have five minutes total to respond to all three questions.

What Skills Does Casper Evaluate?

Casper is like a multi-faceted mirror that reflects various aspects of your personality. It assesses your skills in:
Collaboration: Team player or lone wolf? Let's find out!
Communication: How well do you get your point across?
Empathy: Can you put yourself in someone else's shoes?
Equity: Are you fair and just in your decision-making?
Ethics: What's your moral compass like?
Motivation: What drives you to achieve your goals?
Problem Solving: Can you think on your feet and find solutions?
Professionalism: How well do you handle professional situations?
Resilience: Can you bounce back from adversity?
Self Awareness: How well do you know yourself?

Do You Need to Prepare for Casper?

You bet! As with any adventure, preparation is key. So, sharpen your pencils, get your thinking cap on, and start preparing for the Casper test. Don't think of it as studying – it's more like training for a journey where you'll discover more about yourself and showcase your unique qualities. It's your time to shine, and Casper is your stage.
Let's do it!
Let's do it!